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Recyclable PE mono-material!

Our recyclable mono PE film structures can replace complex (more difficult to recycle) multilayer materials.
The use of high-performance PE layers enables an excellent machinability with the right barrier properties.

With our expertise, our mono-PE provides an early sealing ignition temperature for an excellent sealability and product protection.

Even though we use a PE structure, the material does not seal or stick to sealing bars. This enables the packaging machines to run at normal speed.

Suitable for pillowbags, doypacks, flowpacks and lidding films.

Benefits of PE mono-material:

  • Recyclable mono PE-film structures based on 85-95% of PE
  • PE has a good recycling rate
  • Flexible PE films are collected for recycling in many EU-countries already
  • Mono PE provides a wide sealing window for 100% product protection
  • Mono PE enables weight reduction
  • Availability of high barrier PE films against gas and moistures
  • Highest shelf impact with PE printed with our rotogravure premium quality
  • Availability of reclosable mono PE film structures
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