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A first step towards a circular economy!


Our certified BIO-BASED material, made out of >85% renewable resources, such as cellulose and sugarcane residue can perfectly replace traditional plastic laminates without compromises in terms of safety, functionality and performance.

Innovative industrially proven results have been achieved in the coffee industry, with high barrier laminates, printed in rotogravure.


Biodegradable and compostable plastic films offer a valid alternative end of life option, by breaking down in industrial composting facilities or as home compost..
Together with our customers we introduced several two and three-layer compostable laminates, using fully home-compostable single layers, compostable inks and adhesives.
Using bio-based materials,our laminates contain the highest percentage of renewable resources and are certified according to the DIN EN-13432 directives. 

All provided solutions offer the right barrier- and sealing-properties and an excellent machinability.

We constantly look at new environmentally friendly materials to support sustainable growth.

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