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Our modern equipment enables us to laminate from 2 layers up to 5 layers with adhesives on solvent basis or solvent-free.

This process combines different films with each other.
This has one main advantage: laminating creates a new composite material, which has improved properties in comparison to a single film. A film composite can be made up of at least 2 layers up to 5 layers. Our technical support experts can advise you on the most appropriate material-structure for your product.

Throughout every production run, bond-strength is carefully checked to ensure an optimum value for the relevant specification and application of the packaging.

For retortable products, special adhesives are used to guarantee a smooth outcome of the product after the pasteurization or sterilization process.

We offer also sustainable solutions like eco-friendly water-based adhesives. Find more info in sustainability.

Slitting, wrapping and seaming

We want everything to fit for you. That is why we cut and wrap your film to reels with high precision so that you can process it in your production without any problem.
Internal and external diameters can be produced on request, from standard reels up to jumbo reels, according to the packaging equipment of the customers.

In the production of shrink-sleeves, its forming and seaming (integrating longitudinal perforation) and its final wrapping on reels are essential steps for the process on the final sleeving equipment. The size and the correct seam of the sleeve are fundamental for a smooth application of the labels. For special requirements we offer pre-cut sleeves in pieces.

Pouch making

Our flexible equipment enables us to transform reels in ready pouches in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, like flat pouches, gusseted bags, doy-packs and stand-up pouches with the option to include zip-lock closures, integrated spouts or handles. For coffee applications we offer integrated valves.

Pre-made bags are used in several markets, like pet-food, coffee, dairy or retortable products, but they are also suitable for dry food. If used with high barrier films, pouches offer an excellent shelf life.
Depending on the request we can supply short runs and high volumes.

Pouches offer a good visibility on the shelf!
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