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Make packaging more readily recyclable!

Packaging waste is one of the biggest sustainability issues the world is facing today. Our aim is to find improved solutions for recycling; use entirely recyclable materials; encourage the use of plastics that allow better recyclability and eliminate complex combinations of packaging materials.

Mono-material multilayers

Complex plastic multilayers are often used as a result of multiple required properties of the packaging.
Alternatively, we propose better recyclable mono-material multilayers like Mono-PE and Mono-PP film; both materials are part of the polyolefins family of plastics; both solutions offer excellent properties on all important functions, like barrier, print- and machinability.

Find more info about Mono PP and  PE material

Paper and paper-laminates

There is an increased demand for paper packaging, which is entirely recyclable and disposable as paper waste.

We offer heat-sealable and/or high barrier papers, which can be a plastic free alternative to traditional plastic laminates!

A unique solution is RE-MOVE our special laminate of paper/plastic, which can be easily separated by hand! The consumer can dispose the paper with the paper waste and the plastic with the plastic waste. Chances are increasing that the laminate will be recycled!

In addition, paper facilitates the use of water-based inks, achieving an eco-friendly quality.


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