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Flexible packaging material needs 3 important properties:

•    Good printing properties (transparency, gloss, adhesion of the inks, etc.)
•    The right barrier properties (WVTR, OTR, grease resistant, etc.)
•    Excellent machinability (sealing properties, COF, tear-resistance, bond-strength, etc.)

According to the product and application, requirements may be multiple and can be optimized by using different types of plastic, making it a so-called complex laminate.

Materials available for creating your mutiple layer laminate: PP, PE, PET, ALU, OPA, Paper.

The right laminate is subject to the following aspects:
•    product (weight, form) to be packed
•    shelf-life and required barrier
•    the type of final bag (pillow-pouch, gusseted bag, stand-up pouch / Doy-Pack)
•    machine speed
•    the type of sealing.
•    Easy opening
•    marketing and legislations
•    printing technique
•    sustainability commitments

Our technical support experts assist you in finding the multiple layer laminate that meets all the requirements in combination with your packaging machinery.

Today’s challenge is to replace / reduce complex laminates or make them better recyclable, preserving all necessary functions. Read more in recycle.




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