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Special see-through windows for an amazing shelf appeal!

Servo Artpack offers a wide range of paper-based laminates: full surface laminated structures with possible tailor made see-through windows.
Availability of paper striped materials, surface printed, on both paper and plastic.

Paper-based laminates offer several benefits:
•    It creates a positive, environmental image to the final consumer
•    It enhances organic product ranges
•    Possibility to laminate with recyclable, compostable or biobased plastics.
•    Use of water-based inks; ecological, non-toxic, high quality printing
•    Availability of different types of paper.
For all packaging solutions, we strictly use natural paper certified PEFC and FSC, assuring traceability and environmental compatibility.

Our local Technical Support experts promise full service to find the most fitting solution for you!

Paper-plastic separable by hand! A unique sustainable solution!

Complex flexible laminates,
existing of different types of materials, such as paper + plastic are difficult to recycle. Today there is an increased demand for paper packaging, which however in many cases still needs to have a full plastic sealable layer. 

Our SPECIALTY RE-MOVE offers a unique solution in which the 2 layers can be easily separated by hand!

The consumer can dispose paper with paper and plastic with plastic waste!


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