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Make packaging more readily recyclable!

Sustainable packaging should have the lowest possible environmental footprint while ensuring the required functionalities.
Our sustainability strategy is now strongly related to our passion for packaging thus to our commitment to sustainable packaging.

The challenge to create packaging that is sustainable and premium will require tenacity, innovation and education not just for us but also for (y)our customers and consumers.




The challenge with barrier films from a sustainability perspective is that they are not easily broken down and recycled. By don’t mixing dissimilar materials - which are more difficult to recycle – will make sorting easier.
Servo Artpack can offer valid alternative barrier solutions that are recyclable.




An industrial packaging entirely recyclable!
In line with the interest towards sustainability and attention to the environment, Servo Artpack presents a 100% recyclable industrial packaging, thanks to two easy separable layers that can be thrown each in its correct bin.
On the pack we reproduce a graphic icon and an explanatory statement that informs the consumer about the possibility of separation of the two layers and in which trash bins they have to be thrown away.




Back to paper, a challenge for the future!
Consumers adore traditional-looking material, which evokes the idea of craftsmanship, of handmade. The “as it once was”, but in a modern way.
They often also want to see the product that they are buying: the possibility of creating an ad hoc window through laser cutting technology allows us to respond to this need and make the packaging more appealing.
When printed with water-based inks and laminated with water-based glue and compostable plastic film, (y)our pack will be 100% eco-friendly!
Servo Artpack can offer several green solutions for as well sealable monolayer-paper films as for paper-compostable laminates.


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