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Anti-fog packaging

The use of anti-fog material for packing fresh vegetables and meat prevents fog from accumulating inside the package, keeping the film transparent. Water vapor inside the package which come into direct contact with the product, leads to a shorter shelf life.

Anti-fog materials:

•    Mono and multilayers in PP, PE, PET or PLA.
•    Coextruded antifog additives inside the materials (warranty of 12 months).
•    Anti-fog surface lacquer for smaller quantities
•    Paper laminates or special tactile lacquers available

Micro or macro perforated films

Servo Artpack offers a range of heat and laser perforation patterns and micro and macro hole diameters, that have been specifically developed to extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. By creating the ideal modified atmosphere packaging system, you can extend the shelf life of fresh products, reduce wastage caused by bruising or dropping.





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