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Heat-sealable paper: a plastic free solution for your flexible packaging!

Sealable paper can be the right choice for you.

Sealable paper as a primary packaging can have a wide range of applications. It is suitable for direct contact with food, with applications for dry products such as potatoes, vegetables, fruit, instant powders, confectionary, pasta, coffee, tea, nuts, chocolates.

Paper has a positive image concerning sustainability and it can replace non-recyclable laminates with aluminum or metallized films.

Our sealable paper can have:

•    heat-seal coating (both inside and outside) partial or allover.
•    fin-seal or lap-seal
•    Barrier-properties depending on need; mineral oil, moisture, grease, oxygen
•    Printing with water-based inks; ecological, non-toxic, high quality printing

For every packaging solution, we strictly use natural paper, certified PEFC and FSC, assuring traceability and environmental compatibility.

With different properties compared to plastic, every new application will be carefully tested on the packaging machine for feasibility.
Our local Technical Support experts assist you in finding the right solution for your application.

Sealable paper can be a sustainable alternative to your actual plastic laminate!


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